What is Netiquette?

What is Netiquette?


 Wikipedia is noted to say "Social Etiquette in real life is ingrained into culture, although etiquette in technology, commonly referred to as netiquette, is a fairly recent concept. The rules of etiquette that apply when communicating over the Internet are different from those applied when communicating in person or by audio or videophone."

Netiquette is an important concept in the virtual world because we do not have many of the social cues that are present in the physical world. In the digital world, we miss many things like facial expression, body language, and tone. The implementation of Netiquette can help us to work on a common set of principals.

 10 Netiquette Guidelines

Just as it is important to understand social norms in the real world, it is important to understand social norms in a networking environment. This link will direct you to 10 common netiquette practices widely used among individuals in an online environment. 







Netiquette Resources

This link will connect you with resources that outline many of the do's and do not's of netiquette.



Online Learning

Many of the same netiquette expectations are outlined and often expected in an online learning environment. For more details on Netiquette in an online learning environment visit this site.


Teaching Netiquette

If you are looking for resources to use in your classroom to promote, teach, and model netiquette visit here.              

Discussion Board Netiquette




  Bad Netiquette Stinks




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