Classroom Technology Rules

                    Technology Rules 

  • Technology is being used in the classroom more and more each year. It has become a tool that not only helps students learn topics in the classroom but helps teachers communicate with their students and share information. With all the technology being used on a daily basis, rules and procedures for computers, cell phones, cameras, and other technologies need to be developed and learned. These rules and procedures cover how the devices are used, what sites are allowed to visit, and what is permitted around the devices Jessica Sanders provides 10 commonly used technology rules for classrooms.





Internet Safety 

  • With all great tools and resources, safety is always the number one priority. With the technologies and the use of the Internet. Some internet safety procedures from Kids Health include but do not pass out personal information (passwords) or meet a random individual in person, communicate with parents if you receive or see anything threatening, and or participate in cyberbullying.

Maintaining Focus

  • The struggle for consistent technology usage in class for learning and assignments is maintaining focus. It is so important that students are not randomly searching or wasting time during instructional time. Zoning out or using the device while alternate instruction occurs can cause students to fall behind or not learn the content discussed in class. Angela Watson provides 12 tips while using the Internet.



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